Mr. Carmack, your favorite producer’s favorite producer, has just hit a major SoundCloud milestone, reaching a whopping 300,000 followers. In celebration of the marker, he and fellow producer Promnite have teamed up to release a fire remix of Cardi B’s chart-topping hit “Bodak Yellow.” If you’ve seen either a Carmack or Promnite set, you know how much hip-hop is thrown in, and it’s no surprise that the pair wanted to hop on the “Bodak Yellow” hype. (Also, can you spot the brief Gangsta’s Paradise sample?)

The track starts off with just a pitched-down version of the original “Bodak Yellow” melody, but by the 40-second mark it’s clear that this is no standard edit. The professional beat-makers completely switch up the bassline to somehow make the track slap harder than it already did. I have to be honest that Cardi B’s hit doesn’t hold a spot in my music library, but this version definitely does. If the original is starting to feel overplayed to you, give this remix a whirl and see it doesn’t get your head bobbin’.

Listen to the remix right here:

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