Dutch DJ Dyro recently came under fire for allegedly copying the work of two producers named Culprate and Zenji.

Dyro’s new track “Good Feelin” is eerily similar to Culprate and Zenji‘s “Ghostmachine,” as pointed out by several artists on Twitter, like Habstrakt. If you take a listen, it’s pretty clear that they’re way too alike for the similarities to be coincidental (specifically, at the drops).

Now, Dyro finally addresses the allegations by revealing that while Culprate seems to be a “very good producer,” he used a standard Serum preset that “anyone can use whenever they want.” He continues, “If you use a preset in your work, you can’t call anyone else using that preset a thief and if you feel that way, I apologize.”

Clearing the air

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While using presets may be frowned upon by some, many producers still use them. However, the issue here is not in using the preset, it’s the combination of using the preset along with the same exact melody–resulting in what is basically a carbon-copy of the track he’s accused of plagiarizing.

Either way, Dyro isn’t hurting too badly. His release of “Good Feeling” has amassed almost 100,000 plays on Spotify and SoundCloud combined. Maybe we’d forgive him this time, if it hadn’t already happened numerous times before.

Hopefully he’ll make up for everything by coming out with something a little more original next time.