Get ready for a pixelated experience with the anonymous avatar Tokyo Machine’s latest release, “Bubbles.” The video game inspired track is peppy and carefree as the bass drops in tandem with its sugary sweet introduction. Each moment sounds like a summer double dutch challenge between kids in the park, jumping in and out for love of the game. Be player one as you vibe out to the song’s Japanese influence and dubstep force.

The beat almost sounds like a musical, packed with joy and excitement, and at any moment the main character could break into song. Tokyo Machine’s anonymity has provided an intimate relationship with listeners, so much that the creator has embedded their character into the vision as well. Don’t worry about what lies around the corner when listening to “Bubbles,” because the song will tell you exactly how to feel: brave and adventurous.

Take a listen to “Bubbles” here, and look out for the signature Tokyo Machine hat on Monstercat’s shop.

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