New Zealander BAYNK’s video for “Come Home” (feat. Shallou) tells a deep story through its emotional lyrics, describing a dependent and unashamed relationship.

The official video includes Mr. Kriss, an illustrative dancer who moves to the song in harmony like dripping water to a sink base. It begins with Kriss seated in an outdoor room with a gradient pink to blue floor, and walls decorated in pink, white, and blue cubic design. His movement incorporates limbs interacting with body, using length and direction as if they were stream of connections between people. This network of self entanglement continues as his surrounding changes from his isolated box, to the Parisian streets.

Adding to his simple attire, the multicolored room manifests into an 80s style jacket. Mr. Kriss’s choreography becomes more dynamic and aggressive from day into night, as he moves throughout bare spaces and further defines his dancing partners: the wall and the floor. The only moments of stillness occur in the most typically populated settings, a train station and a restaurant’s entrance. With the camera focused on the dancer’s feet, his return to the original room is triumphant and descriptive of the relationship cycle “Come Home” portrays.

BAYNK is joining Australian producer Hayden James on his fall U.S. tour this year. You can catch the dates and BAYNK’s visually stunning video below:

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