18-year-old Rebecca Brock was found dead in her hotel room in Ibiza after an apparent overdose of ecstasy, according to Spanish authorities.

A pool of blood was found near her head on 2September of 2015. Pathologist Dr. Derek Robson reports, “The blood next to her head doesn’t lead me to believe she suffered trauma. It is likely that death occurred a few hours after the package burst.” Becky is believed to be the victim of an extreme MDMA overdose, with toxicologists citing she died from “double the reported fatal level”. A bursted pack of ecstasy is discovered in her stomach, causing Becky to die not even 30 minutes after swallowing the drugs. The findings alarmed her mother, Margo Brock, who opened up about Becky’s medical history.

“If she didn’t have to take a pill, she wouldn’t, only because she couldn’t swallow them easily.”



Ms. Brock is animate about knowing her daughter’s habits. “I can’t imagine her taking those bags, unless someone put them there.” According to her mother, Becky experimented with drugs; Becky openly admitted to trying cocaine to her mother. Consequently, the family reports Becky did not care for the drug and she “would not try it again.”

The Brocks are left with unanswered questions. After a days-long hearing at the Nottingham Council, British courts ruled a pause due to lack of information from Spain. Spanish medics report a different amount of MDMA present than the United Kingdom. “It could be due to the embalming fluid, or the changes in her body following death,” said British toxicologist Dr. Stephen Morley.

In addition, there is no evidence of a sexual assault or violent struggle in Becky’s case. Her parents are in shock at the drug-related passing of their vibrant, social, and “academically gifted” daughter. “She had no troubles with her studies, with exam work or school,” Margo Brock assured the press. The Telegraph reports Ms. Brock set on believing her daughter was turned into a “drug mule.”


Despite the general disbelief, the cause of death is ruled to be “ecstasy toxicity.” How the body packs of ecstasy appeared in Rebecca Brock still remains a mystery.