After a performance in March 2016 at Ultra Music Festival, Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, announced in a letter that he would be retiring from performing live. People everywhere thought he would be leaving music for good, but only shortly after, he went on a journey across the U.S. with his closest friends and creators, and he was led back to the joy of doing what always meant the most to him: composing music.

Avicii recently released his EP, AVĪCI, which features his track with Rita Ora, “Lonely Together.” Now, he dropped the official music video for the single, directed by Levan Tsikurishvill and co-directed by Phillip R. Lopez.

“It was such a big honour to create this beautiful piece for Avicii and Rita Ora. It has been an amazing fun process in many ways – I loved the idea of playing around with the ‘frozen’ world. What I would do if I could freeze the world – imagine one day if you really could do that, what would you do?” said Tsikurishvili.

Watch the official music for “Lonely Together” by Avicii and Rita Ora below.