The one-and-only Kevin Chapman, better known by his electronic music moniker SNBRN, has paved a flawless path for himself over the years. He gained massive exposure when he received the go-ahead to use Nate Dogg’s “Gangsta Walk” acapella from Dogg’s estate. The house and hip-hop blend has racked up an impressive 8 million streams on Spotify. SNBRN is also recognized for his take on Marvin Gaye‘s “Sexual Healing.” He’s embarked on a new journey into Melrose with Los Angeles-based duo, Strange Club.

Greg Gonzalez and Sebastian Kimmel are the masterminds behind the Strange Club moniker. The duo met in Los Angeles back in 2015 with high expectations and dreams. Since then, they’ve continued to push the boundaries and rack up an impressive discography. The sky is the limit, and they want people to hear good music. They’re lovers of life who excellently represent what music and art is all about. Strange Club is definitely a duo you’re going to want to keep an eye and ear out for in the near future.

“Melrose” is a catchy, deep house track with dark vocals that flow throughout its entirety. The drop moves into a groovy rhythm while it continues to pick up girls as it moves down Melrose. “Melrose” brings about a very retro feel with funky beats, rad percussion, and club anthem vibes.

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