Ellen Murphy is the musical prodigy behind the Lenii moniker. She’s a 20-year-old music producer, DJ, and singer from Cork, Ireland. Her experience and style derives from her worldly travels and cultural experiences. These elements are heavily implemented in her music, and “Bones” is a prime example. Lenii is classically trained in violin, which has allowed her to achieve maximum versatility in her productions. The production of “Bones” is absolutely no exception to her versatility in electronic music production.

Benta is a New York-based multi-instrumentalist and vocal producer. He has nurtured his impeccable craft of audio manipulation and production through producing, composing, and creating a soundscape that’s unique to each track. Benta’s style is heavily influenced by Timbaland, melodic vocals, flourishing EDM textures, and hints of 1980s dark and new wave genres that complement Benta’s superb indie pop song structure.

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