Get ready to attend a secret party in the hills when listening to Toronto native Autoerotique’s collaboration with Sweden’s very own Brohug. The artists team up on a classic dubstep track with an alluring introduction, and an underground rave follow-through. Every second flows with unrelenting anticipation, and a distant siren rings success for another feel-good festival song. With chopped and screwed pieces, lyrics that spontaneously appear with the build-up, and a throbbing bass fit for the cherry on top, “Brains” is the season’s hardcore bass house song.

This track plays like a car ride in the Moroccan desert, with fast wheels spinning against soft sand and heat blazing against your back; the pressure is on in paradise. With a wild ride of emotions, “Brains” is a rager, worthy of listeners on their feet and in the air. Feel free to break the rules when jamming to this mind-controlling beat.

Get your ticket to paradise here. “Brains” is out now on Spinnin’ Records.

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