Sullivan King is leading the trend of blending heavy metal music with electronic music. He has just released his largest project yet: an EP that was released on Kannibalen Records.

House of Wolves showcases King’s unique abilities to mash electronic music with heavy metal in an extremely epic way. The three distinct tracks, “The Glock,” “W.O.B.S” (feat. Crichy Crich), and “Don’t Care,” are slamming with bass, heavily distorted guitars and arpeggios, and outstanding dubstep wobbles. The drop in “The Glock” draws inspiration from Skrillex, while “W.O.B.S.” and “Don’t Care” completely stand on their own bass. House of Wolves invites everybody in, but only the strong and headbangers make it out alive.

Enter House of Wolves at your own risk below. Stream/download here.

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