CVBZ is an Oregon-bred singer-songwriter. He’s recently made a name for himself by performing at some of the music industry’s most recognizable festivals, including Breakaway Festival, Bunbury Festival, Firefly Music Festival, Hangout Music Festival, Billboard Music Festival, and more to come. CVBZ’s pivotal point in his career was when his debut single, “Be Like You,” went viral.

“Be Somebody” is a tune that everyone can relate to. We all have our own vision of who we dream to be, and CVBZ aides this vision with “Be Somebody.” The song is about self-improvement within ourselves, society, and the world. We should all continue to strive to be the best person that we can be and to never give up when the going gets tough in both our personal and professional lives.

Listen to CVBZ’s “Be Somebody” below.

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