Moe Shalizi and his roster of artists, which includes Jauz, MarshmelloSlushii, Ghastly and more, have been catching some heat.

LA-based producer AWE recently took to Twitter to call out the ‘$halizi’ squad for being brands, as opposed to real artists. (And while you may not agree, he’s definitely not the first one to call them out for it.)

Jauz fired back, saying that AWE opened for him two years ago and was grateful to be there. While the first part may be true, it should be noted that artists in the early stages of their career do usually take every gig they can get in order to gain experience. AWE argued that he “needed some money.”

The debate continued, and even Slushii stepped in to back himself up, revealing that his beginnings were far from advantageous.

What do you think? Are Shalizi and his squad a bunch of money machines or is AWE just a cranky producer looking for attention? Wherever you stand, you can’t deny that there is definitely a different dynamic between artists like Jauz, Slushii and Ghastly who are pretty dependent on an image, and underground producers like AWE who favor their craft above all else. 

It seems like Jauz is done with the Twitter beef for the day though, so while we continue to talk about it, his bank account will continue to grow, whether anyone likes it or not.

If you are unfamiliar with AWE, you can listen to his work below: