We open to a video game-animated white and gold mansion, with mannequins and mirrors lining a path to the song’s headliners. A  minimalist theme dominates the video, while many luxuries are available at the ready.

It all comes easy here, as does the intro to Steve Aoki and Bad Royale‘s “$4,000,000,” stacked with a chill, unassuming build-up that eventually spirals into a fantastic drop. The beat feels natural, the artists, such as Harlem’s Ma$e, carefree, and listeners slide into their grasp without notice.

Dancing to this on a club floor brings out the island party vibe with Colorado duo, Big Gigantic. In addition, California natives Bad Royale flash a few moves while donning gold chains. There’s enough wealth to go around here, and translated to the song there is nothing but a good time.

In transitions, golden hands grace the screen like clouds to a sunny day. The models appeared as painted mannequins as well, continuing its theme of white and black. Between a flicker of Aoki and Royale, the song’s beat carried its message of good vibes, and good fortune. 

Watch the full music video for “$4,000,000″ below:

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