Melanie Martinez, who is known for her alternative style and an outspoken persona that strongly drives her music, has collected a huge fanbase worldwide. She has been working on the production of her debut album Crybaby, and has promised fans that she would make a unique and eccentric music video for all 13 tracks on the record. Her vision will be finally complete, with the latest release of her video for “Mad Hatter,” which was influenced by Alice in Wonderland.

Martinez’s video is filled with delightfully scary animals and creatures that all come to life and seem to have minds of their own after ingesting a “Drink Me”-labeled potion bottle. She explained to her fans over Instagram saying, “In this video my stuffed animals represent a few genuine friends in my life and their constant ability time and time again to support me in being myself even when I’m forced to be in environments where I’m told and expected to fit in a specific mold.”

Martinez also references several other characters from Alice in Wonderland, not only on-screen, but in lyrics as well, such as “the Mad Hatter and the white rabbit dressed as a doctor.” Her other inspirations include the artist Mark Ryden, who she mentioned previously in a Noisey interview, claiming, “I really want a Mark Ryden illustration tattooed. He has this series called “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, and I really want the “Sweat” one.” Ryden has also done album artwork for artists like the Tyler, The Creator, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Michael Jackson.

Melanie Martinez’s video has already reached over 6 million views in only 3 days after its release on YouTube, so check it out for yourself below.

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