Prior to making the transition to music and becoming JETSET, James Geary was a well-known YouTube gaming sensation that garnered nearly 500k subscribers. JETSET has been a content machine after releasing singles week by week. The weekly releases don’t come without a buildup, though. JETSET has officially unleashed his sophomore album, Mayday, and it’s absolutely incredible (and has been released by Mile High Club).

Mayday is filled with six impeccable, diverse, and dynamic sounding tracks that complete JETSET’s sound perfectly: “Walking Backwards,” “Rain” (feat. osotyt), “Bloke Patrole,” “Abyss (The Heavens),” “Sawed Off,” “Finale” (ft. JVNK). JETSET has taken dynamism to a completely new level, pairing Mayday‘s compositions with heavy dance elements and deep into a ethereal state of sound. Mayday comes after JETSET’s debut EP, Flight. 

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