As a follow-up to his recent music video for “$4,000,000,” Steve Aoki now reveals the official visual for “Thank You Very Much” alongside producer Ricky Remedy and rapper Sonny Digital.

The brand new music video arrives as the fifth installment of Steve Aoki’s video series from his recent full-length album KOLONYThe music video switches between above ground and below, showcasing Aoki surrounded by jumbled mannequin parts, while Sonny Digital is shown providing lyrical wreckage underground as Ricky Remedy tries to rebuild the discarded pieces into a creation of his own.

In addition to the video release, Aoki has announced a partnership with Skype, debuting the exclusive Steve Aoki Skype Bot. Over the next 10 weeks, fans will be able to follow his day-to-day life as he travels around the world and collaborates with musical superstars.  To add the bot and start viewing exclusive footage and chatting on Skype, click on the Discover Bot icon. Search for the Steve Aoki Bot, select it, then click Add to Contacts. (Can you name one other artist that has done something this cool?!)

Watch the official video for “Thank You Very Much,” out now via Ultra Music, below.