Black Tiger Sex Machine and YOOKiE‘s signature sounds come together to make this destructive demon child that came out this week, “Lions.” BTSM is known for their booming, cinematic electro-house tunes. Imagine if Excision produced electro (something like that.) YOOKiE, on the other hand, specializes in menacing sub-bass that will rattle the insides of your car.

“Lions” glues those two styles together so they fit together perfectly, in what is actually a very unique track. The build up sounds like a classic BTSM track, something that could be a soundtrack to a medieval war movie. The lead vocals chant their way to an evil drop that drags you through a puddle of filth. The following drop after that could be mistaken for a Decepticon howling in pain. The sound design on this track is definitely a highlight and something to admire.

If you’re hunting for your next bass fix, this “Lions” is sure to satiate you. Take a listen to this monster of a track right here:

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