Don’t miss a moment as Party Favor teams up with Bad Royale and Richie Loop to release “Bury.” The song’s jovial opening plays like tales from the Joker, with an unnerving bell in the background. The soca entrance is covered with a deep Jamaican voice and gangster vibes.  Its crawling bass in the build-up points to Major Lazer influences with a tint of danger, and a flare for the unique. This dancehall, jumping track shares trap mixed with island music, encouraging all listeners to give in to their inhibitions on the first listen.

The second drop is slow with perfection, and the unpredictable beat spices up the track. Never a dull moment, every sound moves through your spine, and a sense of familiarity ensues. From release, to satisfaction, “Bury” is the ultimate confidence booster. Each minute runs like a program downloading in your body. Get lost on their level when listening to these trap maestros synchronizing hit.

Check out the song below.

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