As a follow up to CYN‘s massive summer release “Together,” she has released a massive electro pop hit that was produced by Felix Snow called “Only With You.” The inventive new single has been released worldwide on Katy Perry‘s record label, Unsub Records.

Cynthia Nabozny was born in a middle-class home just outside of Detroit, Michigan. She then moved from Chicago to Los Angeles where she spent 2017 working hard on new content. Shortly after a meeting with Unsub Records’ Katy Perry, she was signed in 2016 because of her astounding ability to compose a perfect pop song and voice.

“Only With You” was written by CYN and Felix Snow (Selena Gomez, Kiiara, Terror Jr.). The atmospheric, Robyn-influenced, and electronically elemental track begins with CYN’s wispy vocals, a retro production with strong bass, and snappy percussion. Funk guitars, electronic toms, wobbling bass and synths are at the forefront of “Only With You.”

I knew who Felix was and loved the songs he worked on previously, so I was geeked to work with him. The song began on acoustic guitar and evolved to be some kind of hybrid, electronic funk pop vibe. The vocals on the final track are the vocals from day one, which I think is something really special. – CYN

CYN is one of the pop music industry’s most exciting up-and-coming acts. With a mentor like Katy Perry, there’re no doubts that she is going to become a sought-after and renowned act in the future.

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