21-year-old wunderkind EDEN just released a brand new single and video, “start//end,” which is already trending on YouTube hitting No. 22 in just 5 days.

Jonathon NG, aka EDEN, is a multitalented Dublin-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist. The one-man band has an exceptionally dedicated fanbase that will line up around the block to see him perform keys, drums, synths, guitar and vocals. With over 120 million combined streams to date, there’s no denying that EDEN is making a substantial impact with his complex and impassioned sound.

Directed, filmed and edited by EDEN himself, the video for “start//end” tells a personal tale that adds an organic element to the intense new single. Elements of nature revolve around EDEN as he wanders the Earth with shifting thoughts, asking “Is this burning right? Am I living bridges?” The journey that the genre-bending producer brings you on is one that incorporates elements of sound, color and emotions that work together to create an experience, rather than just a feeling. 

With a major announcement coming later this year, “start//end” stands a beautiful and touching moment in the ever-evolving future of EDEN. After winning praise from Lorde for his single “sex,” the bedroom producer has continued to cultivate an ever-growing fanbase.

Watch the music video for “start//end” below: