Listen to Los Angeles producer Elohim’s new track “The Wave,” packed with an 80s synthesizer style and dance elements. A perfect soundtrack for an electric nightclub, Elohim’s sweet, soft voice rides the beat with precision. In combination, the song itself sounds like a wave, offering a drop similar to those of Kero Kero Bonito. Elohim’s gnarly, relaxed bassline silences all worries. Charming with Christmas-like joy, this song paints a portrait of dreamy, colorful sunsets and summer nights with glee.

The video is covered in geometric shapes, and shot in a old-fashioned camera style with fuzzy quality. Lyrics are written on the screen like doodles, and the whole project comes across as a dope video yearbook. A bed of flowers, classic rockstar imagery, and a sense of being carefree seep through the screen effortlessly.

Check out the track here.

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