It appears that attendees at Excision‘s Lost Lands festival held this past weekend didn’t want the festivities to end. 

Ganja White Night, who happened to be special guests at the festival this past weekend, were caught on a plane with fans from Lost Lands who started their own mini-rave on the plane after passengers chanted ‘Secret Set! Secret Set!’. Nicole Williams, a passenger on the plane, has confirmed that the plane was grounded due to a storm while this took place.

Her description of the debauchery which ensued follows:

We were on a flight from Columbus to Minneapolis and got rerouted to La Crosse, WI due to a thunderstorm. They wouldn’t let us leave the plane and we got a little antsy and started playing music (and of course – headbanging). We were told multiple times to turn the music off. Being as persistent as we were… We continued playing the music and headbanging. The group then started chanting loudly; “Secret Set! Secret Set! SECRET SET!” As Ganja White Night turned and smiled at all of us. Finally, one of the flight attendants got on the intercom and told us to rage out for 30 seconds. This is what happened.

Sorry #SHIPFAM, but I think #PLANEFAM is the next movement.