TroyboiSlumberjackYehMe2 and Louis Futon are gearing up for a show that you 100% won’t want to miss. On Friday, October 6th, the three talents will take over Brooklyn Steel for a night full of live music, heavy trap beats and pure exceptionalism.

Slumberjack, who will be opening for lead performer Troyboi, is a talented live electronic duo that plays keys, synth pads, drums and more during their cinematic and hard-hitting performances. The Australians had a breakout year in 2016, which found them in the limelight with performances at festivals like LollapaloozaElectric Forest and HARD Summer, and a guest mix for Diplo & Friends. Duo member Morgan is a classically trained pianist and former world-music artist while Fletcher taught himself to make electronic music at the young age 11. Additionally, Fletcher has a condition called “Synesthesia” where he sees sounds as colors, but he is also color blind which makes his condition especially interesting.

Slumerback will be opening for Troyboi, who is touring in support of his recent debut album, Left Is RightHis performances throughout the tour will consist of all-original sets, and even the addition of a live orchestra performing material from the album.

Ex-Flosstradamus member YehMe2 will contribute the night with a fully loaded trap set. As one of our favorite performers from HARD Summer 2017, we strongly recommend making sure you’re on time to catch him in his prime. Talented producer Louis Futon will also join the party, while is still riding the wave from his recent release, “Rewind,” and a successful remix of “U-RITE” by THEY.

Tickets are available here.

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