Brazilian bass has been exploding in popularity over the past couple of years. The genre blends together techno and bass house together to create a deep but very heavy sound that is very easy to identify. Techno and bass house may be on complete opposite sides of the 120bpm spectrum that is house music, but for some reason it just works.

Since its beginning in early 2016, there’s been a handful of producers who can be credited with  pioneering the Brazilian Bass sound. Among those names are Alok, Shapeless, Ciszak, Bruno Furlan, and Illusionize. Yesterday, Illusionize premiered his brand new single, simply titled, “House.”

The tune is a perfect reference track for Brazilian bass. It features the large synths that you would expect to hear in an electro house or bass house track, but then flipped at the very last second to create a very deep sounding drop. Brazilian bass tunes often have a breakdown which includes a huge, drawn out build up that seems like it may never end (Shapeless is famous for this), only to throw you right back into the familiar drop we heard at the start. I personally can’t get enough of the genre and can’t wait for more artists to experiment with it.

Stream Illusionize’s Brazilian Bass banger right here:

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