Tune into to Aussie Luude’s “Paradise” with TWERL and Lost Boy, as they combine an energizing bass with a poetic, rare voice. As beautiful lyrics align with a beat reminiscent of African drums, this song is perfect for a new type of disco dance floor. The buildup is simple and effortlessly fantastic, as the vocals suit the beat like a rap song. Lyrics like “Sway with the palms and the pines” reinforce the comfortable embrace this track wraps you in. The drop’s melody is shaded with enthusiasm and belonging, encouraging listeners to get loose and vibe out.

Re-energizing with a fresh take on the EDM scene, “Paradise” has a smooth beat like water flowing from a fountain. It plays like a breath of fresh air for a drowning victim. Its ability to transport listeners to a different reality is unparalleled, and everyone can find Nirvana in the music. With a consistent mix of pleasure and persistence, there’s no doubt listeners will become enamored with every second.

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