After accusing Skrillex of copying his track “Territory,” DJ/producer Medasin has taken things one step further.

After the initial accusations, Skrillex denied having ever heard Medasin’s track before releasing his “Humble” remix, and the two seemed to have made amends shortly after in a now-deleted tweet from Medasin that pictured the two artists FaceTiming.

During a recent DJ set, Medasin captured fans chanting ‘Fuck Skrillex!’ while he played the track he accused him of plagiarizing, all of which was captured by reddit user Skrill_Saints on r/skrillex.

Afterwards, Medasin took to Instagram to reveal that he didn’t start the chant, he just ‘kept it going.’ Either way, Skrillex is probably not an artist you want to mess with, so we’ll have to see how this plays out for the up-and-comer.