At only 16 years old, up-and-comer DVNIEL has already garnered hundreds of thousands of streams on SoundCloud and opened for The Chainsmokers. Now, he’s releasing his debut EP, The Fourth Dimension. The debut EP comes months after releasing “Voicemail” with Tobachi.

The Fourth Dimension contains four experimental and mind-boggling, non-genre conforming tunes, including “tesseract,” “missing you,” “void,” and “lunar.” Each track embarks on a completely different journey–or dimension, if you will–that allows the listener to truly escape from reality.

DVNIEL has taken some time to himself and held off on releasing music to focus his energy into another dimension. During this break, he’s headed into the studio to work on a collection of music that sound magnificently different from his previous releases, further shaping the young producer’s sound. In the studio, DVNIEL has removed all distractions–including genre boundaries–and allowed his creative mind to just flow. His sound is still developing wonderfully, so let’s enjoy the transition, experiments, and genius that comes from it all.

The Fourth Dimension has been released independently.

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