Up-and-comers HMU and Adiidas have both been making gnarly waves in the underground trap scene, so it is wildly satisfying to see them join forces on a brand new single.

“Just Do It,” out now on Don’t Die At Work, starts off subtly before hitting you with some deep low-end and minimal percussion. A repetitive vocal sample echoes throughout the duration of the track, while it is weaved through a journey of complex composition, wonky switch-ups and an asylum of different sounds.

Chicago-based duo HMU are hot off of a recent remix for Hotel Garuda’s “Till It Burns Out” and are the co-founders of Dont Die At Work, while Adiidas has seen releases on The Kollection and Trapstyle Prime and continues a hot streak with this brand new release.

Available now for free download, “Just Do It” finds its home on forward-thinking trap label Dont Die At Work for free download. Snag it here.

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