Munchie Squad, consisting of Julian Propst, Nico Winkler and Luca Pivetz, have had an impressive rise in the music scene since 2016, and their work speaks volumes of their attention to detail and talent. Their quirky style certainly makes them unique, and they’ve honed in on their signature sound to a T with their productions to prove that.

The producers’ previous highlights include their remix of Sam Bruno’s “Tip Of My Tongue” on Atlantic Records in 2016, “No Sleep” featuring Chelsea Collins and “Black Hole” featuring Cali. They continue to create melodic and intricate beats while showcasing their creativity and versatility in their latest track, “Keep Callin” featuring YMTK.

The trio goes in a different direction with their newest hip-hop-influenced track featuring the L.A.-based rapper. Munchie Squad perfectly fuses together an irresistibly catchy mellow electro-house melody featuring classic hip-hop beats. “Keep Callin” is full of high energy and the track comes full circle with YMTK’s hot vocals, bringing together upbeat and bouncy vibes to create the ultimate party track. The song is out now on FYE Music.

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