East Williamsburg just got that much cooler.

PopGun is back at it again.

Meet PopGun Presents, the original party people. Native to Bushwick, this company goes from grassroots to full-fledge music promotion after 11 years in entertainment. You may be familiar with its former venue Glasslands in Williamsburg. Since Glassland’s closing in 2016, Brooklyn residents have been waiting for a new venue to take shape. Make way for new kid on the block: The Loft at Elsewhere, the new cafe and art space in East Williamsburg. The space is part of a larger initiative by PopGun Presents to facilitate creative energy in the area.

“[The Loft at Elsewhere] is intended to be a community space for work, play, and all kind of hi-jinks in between. Think free Wi-Fi, Oslo coffee, small eats, cocktails, first to open/last to close kind of thing.” – Co-Founder Jake Rosenthal of PopGun Presents

Rosenthal’s vision is a “day and night space for the music community.” In addition to chill vibes and warm ambiance, The Loft at Elsewhere supports local artists adorning art on its walls. Another cool perk? Hours of operation. This allows customers to sleep in and walk through the doors at 12 p.m. The doors stay open until 4 a.m., therefore mixing well with the nightlife schedule of its sister venue, Elsewhere. The 24,000 square foot music and arts venue opens in Bushwick on November 1, 2017.

The upstairs cafe, bar and art space, also known as The Loft, is open now.


Sam Gold

Check out the full list of shows and events at Elsewhere here.

(Brooklyn Vegan)