We love the creatively charged sounds of US duo DECCO right now, and their most current single “About You” is a fabulous blend of warm melodies and subtle bassline energy. We headed Behind The Bass with the pair to hear more…

To kick things off, can you tell us a little about yourselves… where are you currently based? How long have you both been seriously making music for?  

Sebastian: Joacim is based in Stockholm and LA, I’m based in Vienna. I suppose we’ve both been making music for since we were kids, I basically quit my first job after 2 years to do music full time. It was definitely a struggle for a quite few years. I’m really grateful to be able to make living by jamming out in the studio and travelling around.

What/who/where inspires you the most creatively?

Sebastian: Working with different people is really inspiring. It’s awesome to be in the room with someone who has a totally different musical approach, it really opens up the whole songwriting process. I don’t enjoy writing on my own as much. Joacim and I tend to bounce ideas off each other and usually end up with something that’s way better.

What are your favourite parts about being artists? If you could change one thing about it, what would it be?  

Sebastian: It’s really nice to have that creative control, not only for the music but also in terms of visuals, artwork and so on. I studied graphic design, so that part is also really fun. In terms of downsides, the paparazzi are definitely a problem and we can’t drive our lambos as fast as we’d like to.

“About You” ft. Alex Vargas has just dropped, and it’s such a wickedly catchy tune. Was it one that you instantly felt worked or did you spend a while on it, perfecting it?

Sebastian: Thanks! Alex came to Vienna and we wrote four songs in four days and had a blast. One of those songs became Alex’ single “Higher Love.” “About You’ was almost finished then, but the production was pretty basic and we were missing a bridge for the end of the song. We didn’t actually write the rest it until a year or so later.

What do you feel each other brought to the track? Did you enjoy working with Alex Vargas? 

Sebastian: Alex is an exceptional vocalist so we wanted something really stripped down for the beginning. He started playing this melancholic guitar riff and we came up with idea of having four lead vocals on top of each other at the same volume, which made it sound almost supernatural and really in your face, but still intimate.

How would you describe the single to someone who had yet to hear it? 

Seb: Joni Mitchell drives into a wall of brass.

Amazing! If you could choose any artist/s to remix it, who would you pick and why? 

Joacim: We’d love to do a remix for Liam Gallagher .

What are a couple of tracks you always include in a set 

Joacim: I love spinning old house classics such as “Show Me Love“ by Robin S or “Music Is The Answer” by Danny Tenaglia .

Your most memorable experience of the year so far?

Joacim: I loved releasing our debut, seeing it’s picking up on all kinds of playlists and radio stations, blogs etc. A good feeling after writing, producing and preparing Decco stuff for a long time.

What are you bringing to the table in the rest of 2017 in terms of releases and shows? 

Joacim: We are planning for yet another release this year . We’re also going to LA end of October for meetings and sessions. We’re gearing up for 2018, where we’ll be dropping a lot of new music.

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