Music festivals are intended to be a safe place for people to enjoy their favorite artists. However, there have been multiple reports of sexual assaults taking place at recent events, making women worried about their safety.

We recently reported that The Swedish Community, led by Emma Knyckare, decided to take to Kickstarter to try and organize a women-only music festival, which successfully funded 533,000 Swedish kronor ($66,000). Now, other locations are starting to take action, supporting the idea of a women-only festival. New York recently hosted the first all female festival, which took place on October 14th and 15th at City Point, Brooklyn.

“I’m so proud the incredible group of musicians our team has assembled,” said Dee Poku, Founder of the festival. “This festival was created because women are marginalized across the global festival circuit, where very few female-led bands or headliners are featured. Our goal with this event was to provide a platform for an inclusive and diverse group of the best new talent. The Other Festival is a place of discovery and I can’t wait for people to come and check out what we’ve pulled together.”

The lineup included all-female acts, such as Dana Williams, Jess Best, Baby Yors, Cherubim, Quiana Parks, MAAD, Alex English, Ravyn Lenae, Kari Faux, Flint Eastwood, Tangina Stone, Jasmine Solano, Amy Leon, and Mira Fahrenheit.

The other festival

The festival also featured talks from business and cultural innovators covering entrepreneurship, culture, design, branding and more. Learn more about The Other Festival here.