Flite is a taking to the skies to allow his career to soar. The US-based producer lifted off in 2011 and quickly gained momentum around the world. He’s released music some of the industry’s most prestigious labels, including Hospital Records, Liquicity Records, and Monstercat. He’s also received support from a few of the largest drum and bass promotional channels on YouTube, such as UKF Drum & Bass, Liquicity, MrSuicideSheep, and many more. Flite has drummed his way through the international bass realm, and there’s nothing standing in his way.

“We Are One” starts off with an atmospheric, ethereal pad that swirls and moves throughout the piece. Stabby synths, fast moving percussion, and deep bass allow the track to continually rise during the track’s entirety. Madeon inspiration is heard in various aspects of “We Are One,” especially in the vocals. The up-and-coming producer outdoes himself with the remarkable production of “We Are One.”

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