FuntCase is an English drum and bass and dubstep producer who was signed to Doctor P‘s Circus Records in 2010 and seems to draw a crowd everywhere he plays. FuntCase is known for his signature style, which includes a custom-made mask and grimy beats.

I recently got a chance to sit down with one of the biggest names in the UK dubstep scene, and talked details about his ‘Don’t Piss Me Off’ Tour along with some quite interesting information about a few of his latest hit tracks.

You’ve been touring throughout some of biggest cities in the U.S., like Miami, San Francisco, and Seattle. How has your most recent tour been?

It’s been pretty good. The Florida shows have been pretty interesting considering there’s been a ripping hurricane going through, but they went really well. It shows people are committed; it didn’t affect things too much. All of the shows have been really good so far.

How was Lost Lands, and being included in the production of Excision’s first festival?

It’s kind of interesting to see a DJ make a festival; it’s everything you would want it to be as a DJ and also as a fan. It was definitely one to remember.

I want to know more about your brand and your newest release, DPMO Volume 1. Is DPMO (Don’t Piss Me Off) a brand, music label, or everything incorporated?

Pretty much, we’ve released the music side and we’ve got this tour going now. The clothing side is coming soon, but we’re making all kinds of stuff for that. It’s going to be a little while until it comes through, but still trying to build an empire though music.

What are your feelings about your latest remix with Cookie Monsta of Excision’s “The Paradox?” It was released on UKF and has been gaining a lot of attention.

It’s kind of hard to top that track, sometimes you have to just take a remix and be like “Okay, you can not try and top it, but put my own vibe on it.” We tried to literally remix it, yet it’s got the same vibe with our sounds and vibes added to it. Yeah, it was fun to do, but kind of stressful (laughs) because people will say “Oh the original is always better and already killed the vibe.” I think it’s on a whole new page honestly.

What about your collaboration with Trolley Snatcha, titled “Warfare?”

I mean Trolley Snatcha has been on the sidelines doing different projects aside from Trolley Snatcha, so it was good to get him back in the studio and working him back into dubstep, sort of reignite his love for dubstep because he lost it for whatever reason. It was pretty easy to write to be honest. It took a while for us to finish it, but that’s because I take a long time to perfect everything I want in it. So yeah, it turned out really good!

What do you have to say to your fans about the two most notable bangers off of DPMO — “Scary Yikes” and “Grrs and Bars of Fury?”

Well, “Scary Yikes” has been around for about three years as I was playing it in clubs, but as a work in progress and I never thought to finish it. Then it was doing really well in the clubs, so it was good to get it out and finished. I’m surprised at the reaction it got actually, there are a ton of DJs playing it and it’s doing quite well. For “Bars of Fury,” it was just an experimental sort of riddim-y sounding track that I decided to put out just for fun really. It was fun to make, and again; thats another one I didn’t expect to do that well on, but it’s done really, really well.

Does the man behind the mask have any upcoming plans for 2018 or any words of advice for his fans?

I’m currently working on a lot of collaborations with tons of artists, maybe try and do a few VIP remixes with some of the bigger tracks I’ve done. Also, doing a tour with Snails in December this year, so that will be pretty cool. In 2018, everything can start expanding and hopefully I’ll get a new mask as well. We don’t know how long that will take, but it will happen.

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