In Sydney producer What So Not’s music video for “Better,” directed by Mafalda Millies, several computerized images fill a rapidly changing screen. As powerful lyrics are displayed, What So Not and LPX rotate like mannequins on a showroom floor. The buildup increases, and images flash by at a faster pace to bring viewers along on a visual interpretation of the song. Circular images like What So Not’s floating head collide with pictures of the earth and clouds, encouraging the beat as an intrinsic part of humans and nature. Like a computer hacker finding their way through a fresh laptop, this video brings the track to new heights as it blurs the line between technology and humanity.

This uncontrollable virus is packed with geometric images, colored black, white, and blue like a composition notebook filled with scribbles. A sense of being overtaken befalls the viewer, and dancers painted head-to-toe in gold decipher the human form through expressive movement and confining stillness. Cages in the video are similar to scaffolding, structurally appearing as DNA. The album cover flashes past in the series of images as well: the strength of the gold horse, and the respect it demands with a flowing sash wrapped around its neck. It reads like a symbol of liberty. This music video is the clearest, most direct representation of What So Not himself, a producer with unconventional sound that melts directly into listeners’ minds. He elevates his fans to a new level, and invites them down this journey of technological reflection.

Watch the video here.

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