Get ready for a funky sound as London producer TroyBoi releases “Don’t Want.” With a mellow opening similar to someone turning up a car radio, this chill vibe plays like a slow song from the seventies. The R&B beat is embellished with simple yet classic chimes, leaving nothing to distract from Diana Ross’s sweet, soft voice floating on top of the changing beat. As Ross’s song titled “Love Hangover” is sampled in the work, the remix furthers the relaxed curiosity in falling in love. As if the mood went through a tunnel and came out the other side more determined to prove itself, the track continues on an uphill climb,  settling into listeners bones.

With an intergalactic, spacey sound, the second half of the beat is dirtier than the first. Every moment sounds like a drop made in secret, forcing listeners more deeply into the tune. Flooded with memories of a good time, this beat could play inside a 70’s recording studio as the studio heads cheers to a drink after a long day at work. Sprinkled with loose hips and bell bottoms, “Don’t Want” projects the perfect sound of carefree listeners determined to follow the beat and lose themselves within the noise.

Check out the track below:

TroyBoi is headed on his Left Is Right North American Tour this fall.

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