Entrancing vocals lead you into the brand new single from BEAUZ and Lenii that only improves as it progresses.

Out now on Spinnin’ Records‘ Copyright Free Music, “Not That Brave” is a single that incorporates elements of dance, indie and trap all into one forward-thinking and meaningful single. Dance music duo BEAUZ takes hold of Irish producer/DJ/vocalist Lenii’s thought-provoking lyrics and incorporates them into a whirlwind of beautiful chord progressions, stabbing synths and fluttering vocal chops.

With tracks already signed to Lowly Palace, Enhanced, and Armada Music, BEAUZ continues to have their sound on the forefront of hit releases, and in very exciting fashion, they debut their brand new collaboration alongside breakout artist Lenii.

Listen to “Not That Brave” from BEAUZ and Lenii below, out now on Spinnin’ Records’ Copyright Free Music.

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