“Tide” is Kendl’s final single off of the Australian producer’s forthcoming EP, Colours. “Tide” is the perfect track for Kendl’s sound, as it drifts far away from the mainstream music – something Kendl strives to steer clear of.

“Tide” combines R&B elements with heavy beats and minimalist elements. The “meditative” masterpiece consists of elements that are worthy of “healing.” While the piece is experimental, Kendl takes the listener on a wild, peaceful, and all-inclusive sonic journey, washing away cares of any kind. It goes without saying that Kendl is very disinterested in mainstream genres, which is why his experimental productions take him past mainstream.

I’ve always wanted to create something where the hook of the track is the most minimal part whilst keeping the energy from the build at its climax during the drop. That’s what I set out to do with ‘Tide.’ -Kendl

Experience “Tide” below:

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