Get ready, because Notaker is about to blow your mind with the release of his brand new EP, out today on MonstercatGenesis is a five-track compilation that features the diverse range of his production abilities, from previously released commercial hit “Who I Am,” to more underground and progressive works like “So Much Love.” With five distinctly different elements, the EP as a whole is about as stunning as they come.

“Just Close Your Eyes” opens the mini-album on a high note. The simple introduction seems inspired by a Porter Robinson-esque utopia, with a sprinkle of conveniently-timed Stranger Things vibes, where delicate chords reign before slow-pounding kick drums hint at a bigger surprise to come. Previously released success “Who I Am” follows in perfect fashion. Alongside co-producer Declan Jones, the single, which features beaming vocals from singer/songwriter Karra, combines cinematic leads with progressive trance-inspired synths for an impressively unique result.

The mid-way point of the EP happily arrives in the form of “So Much Love.” The progressive/underground track resembles the fleeting sounds of a dance club ringing at 4 a.m., while free partygoers are refusing the acknowledge the night slowly fading behind them. A simple double-clap before the second drop signifies Notaker’s ability to take simple elements and combine them in a way that will have both producers and fans wondering how he does it.

It’s successor, “Wake Up, You’re Dreaming,” slowly rises into a melodic heavy-hitter, which fits right at home on Rocket League’s in-game soundtrack. The faint echo of vocal chops reverberate amongst rhythmic super saws, making for a bittersweet lead-in to Genesis’ closing track, “Terra.” He paints a complex picture with sound via the EP’s final track, one that is sure to be a fan favorite. Combining industrial drums with soft-spoken melodies is just the kind of creative thinking that Monstercat is known for, making it the perfect home for Genesis.

Notaker is a St. Louis-based producer who has been making music for a little under six years now, always incorporating cinematic vibes into his productions. Some of his (visible) inspirations are Hans Zimmer, deadmau5, Eric Prydz, Above & Beyond and M83. Having previously released on Armada Music and mau5trap, he now returns to Canadian label Monstercat for the release of his multifaceted Genesis EP.

Listen below and stream/download here.

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