Miami went crazy when LCD Soundsystem came into town, we absolutely lost it when Gorillaz made their first ever Miami performance, and now we are flipping out for the debut of the legendary, Icelandic superstar Björk.

The timing, location, and production company that made this one happen makes perfect sense. Björk will be playing a special DJ set on December 5th, during Miami’s Art Basel week. This show will be in congruence with her ninth studio album and a world tour. This is a time where artists and tourists flock down to Miami for a week of art, fashion, and music. The venue will be at the massive, 100,000 square foot Mana Wynwood, the same location where III Points is held. And speaking of which, this booking could have only happened by the sheer force of perhaps America’s most avant-garde production company and music festival. They will be continuing their fifth Art Basel edition and this one will be paramount.

There is the cliché sentence of “if you like electronic music, you cant miss ______.” However this one is 100% true. If you have any remote interest in techno and electronic music, you cannot, I repeat, cannot miss the show.


Tickets are available here.