Tyler Campbell is the mastermind behind the transformational Mozado alias. He’s a Boston-based music producer, DJ, and art advocate. He draws inspiration from a multitude of genres from his childhood, including hip-hop, electronic, R&B/Soul, jazz, pop, and classical. Mozado continues to evolve as a music producer with “On The Daily” (ft. Rosé).

The ambient soundscapes, soothing metallic sounding arpeggio in the drop, and hip-hop-infused percussion is truly what makes Mozado standout from other producers that are experimenting with their style and sound. Mozado progresses so smoothly throughout “On The Daily,” and Rosé’s vocals are a superb additive to Mozado’s impeccable music talents.

‘On the Daily’ was tracked in about 30 minutes with Rosé, however, after the original tracking session, the song took on many many forms (even a classic house groove) before landing on the tropical, dark, trappy vibe that it is today. – Mozado

Give Mozado and Rosé’s “On The Daily” a listen via SoundCloud below.

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