When one looks at the career of Cash Cash from 2008 until now, it doesn’t take long to come to the conclusion that there’s just not too many stories quite like theirs. From “Party In Your Bedroom,” to “Take Me Home,” to Blood, Sweat & 3 Yearsthe New Jersey trio has evolved tremendously. At Budweiser’s Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, we had the chance to catch up with the guys just before their headlining set at the Freedom Stage.

How does it feel to be headlining the freedom stage at Made In America, Jay Z’s music festival?

*Laughs.* I mean, we can’t complain! It’s really, really exciting. We got a really warm welcome, they even gave us a new line of champagne… or is it whiskey?

Was that on your Instagram story earlier today?

Yeah! It was. Anyway, it’s dope, man. We got here early and the crowd is nuts. Even though it’s raining, everybody’s raging out there really hard.

You’re from New Jersey, is Philadelphia close enough to your hometown to count as a home show?

Oh yeah! We consider Philly, Atlantic City, New York… all of those places are like hometown. The whole tri-state area.

Do you think that New Jersey plays a role in your artistic sound?

I think so. Yeah, definitely. We grew up right outside of New York City, and we’ve played so many shows throughout Jersey in our lives. Just listening to like, ’90s house music and stuff when we were kids, that’s really what got it rolling.

I remember seeing you guys at Firefly Festival in 2014, and you opened with Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The USA.”


During that same show, I specifically remember using Shazam constantly. What does your process look like when it comes to track selection for your sets?

I think it changes for every set. It’s pretty much whatever we’re feeling, but the more we’ve grown as a group, we’ve seen our fans become more involved. We’ve been playing more original music, and the response has been awesome. It’s a combination of original music, throwback music, edits: old stuff mixed with something new, curveball stuff like that. We have a radio show on BPM which definitely helps too, especially when it comes to keeping up with new stuff. 

On Blood, Sweat & 3 Years you collaborated with pretty much everyone across the genre spectrum. Fitz & The Tantrums, Busta Rhymes, John from the Goo Goo Dolls, the list can go on for a while. What does your collaborative process look like?

We like to work hands on with artists. We bring them to the studio, we really like get to know them, and we want to make memorable experiences with them. We feel like we can get a better song that way, versus just throwing something together. We’re really hands on, we record them, mix them, edit them, everything. It’s all done in house at our studio.

If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?

Dead or alive? I guess Mozart. He’d probably think the music is way too simple though… waaay too simple! *all laugh.* MJ, definitely. Yeah, Michael Jackson would be pretty amazing.

That would be a great choice. With 2013’s “Take Me Home,” I think you provided a platform which first exposed the public to Bebe Rexha. Since then, she’s gone on to work with pretty much everyone. How did that relationship come to be?

We just knew about her from some mutual friends back in the day. I always thought she had a great voice, and she used to be in a band with Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy. We had a lot of mutual friends and I really wanted to do a song with her. I met her at this club that we were all hanging out at, it just felt like the right time, we hit it off and made it happen.

What are some acts that you’d recommend to people who like your music?

Kap Slap. He’s got some really good originals coming out, and we got to see him play here earlier today.

“All My Love” with Conor Maynard is pretty much blowing up right now too. Can you talk about what working on that song was like from the artist perspective?

He’s hilarious. I mean, Conor is a funny dude. We just filmed the music video for it and it was just so much fun. Every time I hang out with him it’s a party. We hit it off really well, brought him out to Vegas, did a show. We did an acoustic cover of Oasis in the club which was really cool.

You don’t see that every day.

Yeah, you don’t see that every day. It’s something we’ve been doing, and we’re going to do it today as well. He’s got one of those voices where you just know: the song is emotional, he’s an emotional singer, and it was pretty much a no-brainer. He came in and crushed the song, it was awesome.

That’s such a great thing to be able to pull off.

We love bringing artists out. We have a residency at Hakkasan in Las Vegas, and random people show up. Charli XCX came, the Plain White T’s came, when you’re in Vegas you never know who will show up which I think is really cool.

How would you say that performances at crossover festivals like this would compare to club shows in Vegas?

It’s a different vibe, but it’s all about bringing the energy, I guess. Here, it’s great having different genres of music because we like to flip through sounds constantly throughout our set. It’s great to get the fanbase here where people love rap, people love rock, and people love EDM. For us it’s really good, because we work with rappers, we work with rock artists, we work with people all over the spectrum. It’s cool when they’re all in one place.

Final question, what should we be expecting from Cash Cash in the near future?

Oh, man. We’ve got a lot of new music and we’ve been in the studio constantly. We have a bunch of really good songs and I think they’re some of the best that we’ve ever made. It’s always a surprise with us. We don’t even know what we’re going to do until we do it. We’re always changing our sound, spicing it up, working with new artists from different genres.

It’s always a surprise for us, and always a surprise for the listeners. That’s what keeps it fun.

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