It’s been a long time coming, but Ableton Live 10 is finally here!

The music production software has listened to users and fixed a lot of long-standing issues with the program, and has introduced some exciting new features as well. Here are some of the biggest and most worthwhile changes that you’ll find with the newest update.

New Devices: Wavetable, Echo, Pedal & More

Brand new devices will be introduced with Ableton 10. Wavetable, a brand new synthesizer, will allow you to stretch and shape brand new sounds using wavetables derived from analog synths, giving your tracks new life without even needing a thorough knowledge of synthesis. The interface is aesthetically pleasing, incorporates familiar synth-derived functions and will allow you to create sounds like never before. In addition, echo will be incorporated as a brand new delay effect, and drum buss will allow you to alter your drums with functions like compression, transient shaping and bass decay. Finally, Pedal will bring the function of analog stomp boxes to Live without needing any additional gear.



Workflow: A New and Improved Approach to Creating

A longstanding issue with Ableton has been the inhibiting features of its workflow abilities. Although generally very intuitive and simple to use, there are some definite issues that have prevented some users from switching over to Ableton from other programs. For starters, a major part of recording music is playing around on different gear and transporting the sounds into your DAW, right? But what happens when you forget to press record? Luckily, the new Capture feature of Ableton allows you to easily create melodies and perfect loops in a readily-armed MIDI track, even if you forgot to press record. You’ll also be able to edit multiple MIDI clips at once, a feature that has never been possible in any other previous version of Ableton and is huge for producers that work mainly in MIDI. 

You’ll be able to more easily create and arrange your works in the arrangement view. The ability to toggle automation visibility for all tracks at once, zoom in and out of sections of your song, and make audio edits like reversing samples in the workflow arrangement, or even just activating/deactivating only the selected portions of clips, are just some of the changes integrated into the update to make your workflow more seamless.



Browser Collections, Note Chasing and More

The engineers behind Ableton 10 have also added a few minor, but effective, workflow refinements that will change the way you create. From being able to create color-coded collections of samples, to now being able to trigger a MIDI note even if playback starts in the middle, to having the ability to create groups within groups, the workflow updates in Ableton 10 are small changes that will absolutely go a long way when it comes to time and organization.

What else? You can easily double-click on a MIDI track to create a new MIDI clip, enjoy the fact that clip fades are always available if the track is at least three units tall, check out shortcuts for stretching and reversing audio clips, deactivating arrangements loops, and more. The time-saving possibilities are endless.

Ableton Push: A New and Improved Approach

The ability to bring tracks to life with Ableton Push has been taken up a notch in Ableton 10. Now, you can spend less time editing your sounds, thanks to new functionality and high-res visualizations. You can convert audio to MIDI from Push by using the Convert button, easily arm a track with one hand using Push 2, and enjoy numerous added visualizations that will change the way you see music.



What else?

There are a ton of new additions to Ableton 10 that you’ll need to see to believe. But some of the most exciting changes are new and improved sound packs, new in-depth instrument packs, and a streamlined experience with Max for Live. Breakpoints now snap to the grid, it’s possible to move automation segments horizontally, and you can even install and updates Packs from within the browser. Most freaking importantly, your undo history will no longer be cleared when saving a project. Praise the Ableton gods!

From new and improved color palettes and simple appearance changes, to integration of functions that have never been possible before, the newest version of Ableton brings the standard of DAWs to a brand new level. Live 10 will be available in early 2018, but you can save 20% on Live 9 and get a free upgrade to Live 10 if you purchase now.

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