ZHU, the Chinese-American electronic musician and singer, has released his official music video for “Exhale/Stardust,” which was included on his 2017 EP stardustexhalemarrakechdreams. This EP consists of four tracks, including “Exhale” and “Stardust,” which have been combined together to make one music video: “Exhale/Stardust.”

The music video, which was directed by Elliot Sellers, starts off slow, picturing a woman standing in a mysterious and haunting location, depicted in reds and blues. As the video continues, the woman starts to move and dance, switching locations and gathering speed until she abruptly stops and the screen is replaced with ZHU’s logo in all red. The remainder of the video is the most strange, featuring a fetus floating around in what appears to be an oversized womb, mouthing the words to the song. Overall, the music video is very peculiar, but entertaining to watch. Experience “Exhale/Stardust” for yourself here:

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