Metalheads and bassheads are perfectly compatible, and Vantablack proves how.

When artists at the tops of their games unite, great things happen. Vantablack, the new collaborative EP from Dirtyphonics & Sullivan King, is a perfect example. The result is a fusion of dubstep and metal, creating something that can best be described as heavy.

The 6-track release showcases the signature sounds of both artists. Just as Dirtyphonics’  signature production tactics take control, the melodies and songwriting style that Sullivan King exemplifies encapsulates the listener.

The EP as a whole is hard hitting, each track containing very distinct elements. “Vantablack,” “Navigator,” and “Timbale” are grimey, maxed out headbangers that produce an effective dub-metal hybrid. Mid-way through the EP, a mood shift breaks listeners into a more intimate experience. A one minute long ambient piece, “Roam,” provides a dark space leading into the next song. As the EP’s most radio friendly track with vocals, melodic drops, and introspective lyrics, “Sight of Your Soul” might just be the best track of the release. “Hammer,” the final track of the release, is a mix of enter sandman-styled guitars and saturated dubstep drums, encapsulating the sought-after sound that was aimed for most perfectly.

Experience Vantablack below:

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