Ethan Kath has made a public announcement proclaiming his intent to sue Alice Glass for defamation.

The former lead singer of Crystal Castles, Alice Glass, recently leveled some extremely serious allegations against Kath, including rape, mental and physical abuse. She also stated that Kath’s mistreatment of her, starting in her teenage years and persisting throughout her entire career with Crystal Castles, left her suicidal. The abuse allegedly began when Glass was only 15 years old, and Kath was 25. You can read her statement here. We’d like to warn readers that Alice’s testament is graphic, and difficult to hear, especially if you are a Crystal Castles fan or a survivor of abuse. 

Glass also states that there are witnesses who can verify Kath’s abuse. Now, Kath is attempting to gain control of the situation by firing back at Alice Glass’ credibility in an interview with TMZ. He claims that Glass is bitter about the breakup and is using these allegations to bring attention to her new music project.

To be clear, Alice Glass has put herself in a dangerous position as a woman in America, where victims are too often blamed for their abuse, or not believed. To believe that a woman, who has accrued fame based on her own talents, is accusing her former band member of drugging, beating, raping, and controlling her for the sake of limelight and promotional value, is absolutely ludicrous. 

After Alice released the damning and devastating statement, wherein she goes into graphic detail about the abuse she suffered at Kath’s hand, Crystal Castles’ US Fall tour was abruptly cancelled. Kath says the band lost $300,000 in profits because of this.

In a public post on the band’s Facebook page, Kath wrote:

“Alice and I had a long ongoing relationship both personal and professional. When she suddenly left Crystal Castles to handle her mental health issues and substance abuse issues I fully supported her. I will continue to support her quest to wellness but I can’t support extortion, false claims, and accusations put forth after the band attained new success without her. False allegations take away voice from true victims and that’s what saddens me most about all of this.”

These allegations have shattered the hearts of many Crystal Castles fans, who looked up to Ethan Kath and his music as an outlet for emotion and inspiration. It will be both difficult and interesting to see how this lawsuit unfolds, and what kind of witnesses both parties bring to the table.