A dynamic collaboration trio consisting of ReauBeau, Creepa, and JAMAL have teamed up to leave a beautiful mist lingering for us. Released on Lowly Palace, “Mist” is a nostalgic, atmospheric masterpiece that allows the listener to embark on a true musical adventure.

“Mist” begins with deep, mind-altering bass and ethereal synths, while slithering, squelchy synths come sweeping in. Epic drums begin to flood the track during the buildup, and then ReauBeau, Creepa, and JAMAL unleash havoc in every aspect of the word during the drop. The context that this dynamic trio has provided with is epic in incredible proportions, while the contrast and emotion is remarkably prevalent throughout the track’s entirety.

“Mist” was released on Lowly Palace on 11/6/17. Give it a listen below.

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