German DJ/producer Boys Noize is incredible at many things, but I’m always most impressed with his impeccable ability to read a crowd and deliver noteworthy performances.

I’ve never been to Brooklyn’s Analog nightclub, so I was excited to kill two birds with one stone: seeing one of my longtime favorite artists in my own neighborhood, and hitting a new venue I’ve never been to before. Upon entering, I was met with a very Output-esque aesthetic. A dark room and red strobelights collided with the striking disco ball in a way that made everything look, and sound, so much more intimate.

While the openers set the mood with groovy techno and minimal electronic tunes, clubgoers were getting antsy for Boys Noize to hit the stage come 1:30 a.m. Shortly after, a moody bassline came through the speakers and it was clear that the night had only just begun. Once Alexander Ridha took the stage, lights went down and attention levels went up.

From starting with some tried-and-true cuts, to moving into more classic sounds and then ultimately transitioning into a more minimal and consistent sound towards the end of the night, it was a journey of sound that proved, yet again, the sophistication and wisdom that Boys Noize always shows as a DJ. Although he ended up playing for over two hours, the dance floor was still full by the end of the night.

His sound, while consistent with fan expectations and modern soundscapes, is always recognizable and contributes to a night well spent. If he returned to Analog BKNY for another booking, I would absolutely attend and would recommend any other fans of his sound to do the same.

Additionally, it was an extra special event as he had just celebrated the 10 birthday of Oi Oi Oi, one of the most influential electronic albums of all time. Listen below and make sure to catch Boys Noize on his North American tour, which runs through December 16th.