Monstercat is one of the most iconic and legendary electronic music labels in the game. They’ve branded and brought about true electronic pioneers to light, a list that far exceeds the limitations of this post. As they continue their voyage into unearthing tenacious, dedicated, and future talent, the volume will continue to rise. Diversity and versatility are certainly paramounts to the label.

Uncaged Vol. 3 features electronic music legends Kill The Noise, Lookas, Delta Heavy, and many more. To crank the volume even more, Muzzy, Koven, and Feint came together for an impeccable collaboration on “Worth The Lie.” The versatility within the label doesn’t end there, though. The Uncaged compilation albums have unleashed cutting-edge threads from the merchandise team. The fresh merchandise contains an updated Uncaged logo, signature shell jacket, and an array of alchemy-styled and rose-covered t-shirts, crew necks, and beyond. Without a doubt, this is a label that has become a household name and positioned itself as one of–if not the most–versatile labels in the game.

Turn up your volume and listen to the remarkable compilation album below.

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