Nashville’s Phenix is a rebel with a cause.

Making a name for herself against the steady flow of singer/songwriters, this determined artist is combining pop melodies and gutty rock edges for a sound that stands above the rest. In addition to curating the Roxul Pop Movement, she continues to establish her high-energy persona with a steady flow of top-notch releases.

Her newest cut, “Ace Game,” is one part pop, one part hip-hop and all parts sassy. With an undeniable flow, this up-and-coming name is getting ready to storm the trenches with a sharp round of lyrical prowess and danceable beats. 

“I need some sugar babe, we’ve been out for days…gotta learn to play the monster before you dance with a gangsta, all I order is the fake fur, keep me from that burr.”

Check out Phenix’s latest release “Ace Game!” You can find it on Spotify, iTunes, and even the video on YouTube at

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